1. Elliott pioneered both art photography and cyber art, way ahead of the pack. Hi is still pioneering today.

2. The rarity factor is colossal. Single figures per year. Just over 450 works from 5 decades.

3. Elliott pioneered unique one-offs and tiny editions. Average edition is about 3.

4. Each piece is exquisitely perfected and takes up to 407 hours of work to create.

5. Elliott is a world class master printer. Both darkroom and lightroom.

6. Elliott and his work have an international reputation with extreme critical acclaim.

7. Elliott does everything himself. These are masterpieces not assistantpieces.

8. Pieces have already sold for up to £25,500 ($40,000).

9. Work shows truly extraordinary originality and heavyweight substance.

10. The Art is achingly beautiful. Difficult to find these days.