Art Of Glamour.
Dubbed 'King Of The Erotic' by MAXIM magazine,
'Highest paid photographer in the world' by LOADED

and with countless other accolades across the globe, James Elliott is widely considered the world's greatest glamour photographer. His work appears in top newspapers and glossy magazines, stylish coffee table books and prestigious art galleries in London, Paris and New York.

What singles Elliott out is the fact that he is a heavyweight artist and two thirds of his work is not erotic. This is almost unheard of. So it's like erotic art by a Dali or Renoir (except it is better). The erotica has the same gravitas as the rest of his Art. Elliott's images can take up to 407 hours of work to create. His reputation is global, the work is critically acclaimed and his website has drawn over 14 million visitors.

Elliott creates very few, very fine images and created the first real icons of glamour and erotica. Prior to this, there was little in glamour or erotic photography that you could really call Art. His early fetish photography launched a zillion imitators and had a massive influence on many areas of culture. Think latex Pop Princess and you'll get the idea.

Nowadays he continues to elevate the glamour genre to new heights with his ever-increasingly gorgeous work.
Elliott was the first Artist Photographer in the world to command significant money from collectors for his erotic Photo Art.

Elliott is a rare master of glamour and lives in the famous Abbey Road, in central London.

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